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WP Video Ace Review – The Powerful Video Enagement for WordPress.

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Nowadays, human’s life is getting modern with the development of the service industry so the demand to buy and sell on the internet is quite popular.

This is why marketing online is created. In recent times, many internet marketers have used video to sell their products, and they realize it is very effective.

The customers are easy to be attractive by mouth, gesture and action. A sales page need to have a marketing video at least to increase the sales efficiency.

And to optimize the efficiency of these marketing videos, you need to use software which allows you to create fantastic custom video players and applies them anywhere on your website.

Today I will provide you with a WordPress plugin; it is called WP Video Ace.

What it is and whether its features make you excited or not. Keep reading my WP Video Ace review to answer the questions above.

WP Video Ace Review – Overview

  • Product Creator: Dan Green
  • Name of the Product: WP Video Ace
  • Front-End Price: $24
  • Sales Page: http://wpvideoacereview.com/
  • Niche: Software


What is WP Video Ace?

WP Video Ace is a brand new unique WordPress plugin which allows you to create the fantastic custom video players and apply them anywhere in your WordPress website. With this software, You can take complete control of your WordPress video marketing, by applying cool “engagement effects” to any video (it works on Youtube, Local Video Uploads, OR any Video URL).

Who is the Author of WP Video Ace?

Dan Green is the man behind WP Video Ace. He is quite successful in affiliate marketing. He always wins trophies and titles that JVZoo holds.

Dan loves creating the digital products so much, especially, WordPress plugins. Thus, he worked hard to design a perfect WP plugin which helps you create great-looking marketing videos – WP Video Ace plugin.


What are The Key Features of WP Video Ace?

Read the list of the amazing features of WP Video Ace carefully:

  • With WP Video Ace, you can create custom video players for youtube, video URL (Amazon for example), or even local WP media upload.
  • You are able to choose fullscreen mode between any start and end point of the playback of video with ease.
  • You set the playback video with a fixed thumbnail when a visitor scrolls on your page.
  • The video can be put in any screen corner such as top left or right and even bottom left or right for fixed thumbnail playback.
  • Every player can custom for width in percentage like fluid mobile responsive, or fixed playback.
  • They can custom aspect ratio and video playback quality. For example, they can watch the video with the HD quality on Youtube.
  • The player can lock custom content to appear between any start and end point in video playback ‘locked custom content’ can by anything like buy button, text, opt in form, image or even entire post)
  • The features of Locked custom content can appear above, below, to the left or right of video
  • With ‘Locked custom content’, it may also appear in the shortcode anywhere on your post or page.

How Does It Work?

I am impressed with what WP Video Ace works. You watch a demo in this video see what this thing can do. The video players the plugin creates are really powerful, and take visitor engagement to the next level.

Why Should You Buy It?

I know you are an internet marketer; you are promoting the products on your website, but it will be more attractive than if your product review has a marketing video. Because your customers can get hypnotized by your word, gesture, and action while they watch that video.

With all the great features of WP Video Ace, you can custom video in your own way. You can select any screen corner for fixed thumbnail playback or lock custom content to appear between any start and end point of video playback by anything.

Moreover, You can use this plugin to custom videos on Youtube or any website/webpage with the HD  video quality.

With the price of $24, you can’t find such a good video plugin as WP Video Ace. It is rated very high as compared to the other plugins in this category because of the price and quality.


I will finish this WP Video Ace review with my thanks to you because you take your precious time to read the whole review. I hope you can get much useful information about this plugin.

Don’t hesitate! Grab your WP Video Ace right now! Your decision. Your success.

Bye, and see you the next time!

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